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Bath salt Marie Brocart Solari Bath Salt

Bath salt Marie Brocart Solari Bath Salt

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Solari bath salt with Bioglitter® biodegradable glitter particles gives body skin an unparalleled glow. Immediately after the first use, your skin will become soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch, especially fragrant and wonderfully glowing. A product of fresh, mesmerizing and long-lasting aroma with gentle notes of oriental spices. This salt will allow you to relax perfectly in the bath, turning ordinary washing into an unforgettable ritual. Contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. The active ingredient is pink Himalayan salt, which contains many minerals useful for solving various skin problems. Ideal for sensitive, inflammation-prone skin, this salt restores and protects the skin without compromising its natural pH. Suitable for all skin types. Made by hand.

Bioglitter® particles

These are the world's first pure, plant-based particles of eucalyptus cellulose that are completely plastic-free. Bioglitter® breaks down naturally in the environment without leaving a trace, making it completely sustainable. It is a certified, environmentally friendly product that will allow you to shine without harming nature.

How to use: Pour a small amount under hot running water.
Warnings: Use only as intended. Store at 5-25°C.

Capacity: 500 g

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