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Bath salt Marie Brocart Semari

Bath salt Marie Brocart Semari

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Semari bath salt with Bioglitter® biodegradable glitter particles gives body skin an unparalleled glow. Immediately after the first use, your skin will become soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch, especially fragrant and wonderfully glowing. An oriental, fresh, mesmerizing and long-lasting fruity aroma. This salt will allow you to relax perfectly in the bath, turning ordinary washing into an unforgettable ritual. Contains 98.5% ingredients of natural origin. The active ingredient is pink Himalayan salt, which contains many minerals useful for solving various skin problems. Ideal for sensitive, inflammation-prone skin, this salt restores and protects the skin without compromising its natural pH. Suitable for all skin types. Made by hand.

How to use: Pour a small amount under hot running water.
Warnings: Use only as intended. Store at 5-25°C.

Capacity: 500 g
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