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Remineralizing face mask

Remineralizing face mask

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Remineralizing face and neck skin mask Gli Elementi "Remineralizing Geothermal Mud Mask", 100 ml

All skin types

Gli Elementi Remineralizing Face and Neck Mask is formulated with geothermal water containing sodium chloride, bromine and iodine. The complex of oligo-elements promotes cell tropism and restores the vitality of skin tissues. The remedy is also supplemented with powdered Fuller's earth and kelp, which is rich in plant mucilage. These substances restore moisture to the skin, while mint and lemon essential oils revive it. The plant extracts contained in the product soften the skin and give it energy. Clean skin absorbs the beneficial active components contained in the remineralizing mask. Restores the skin's moisture level, gently cleanses and soothes it, while strengthening the hydrolipidic barrier.
The remineralizing face and neck skin mask is especially suitable during the change of seasons in order to remove graying of mature skin, tone it and give it energy.
The product does not contain fragrances and parabens. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.
Use: apply the product to the skin of the face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Hold for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
For normal or combination facial skin: use the product once a week.
Dry or mature skin: use the product once every 15 days.
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