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Organic face serum with hyaluronic acid:

  • helps reduce wrinkles,
  • helps regulate cell circulation and strengthen cell membranes,
  • helps protect the skin from harmful environmental substances,
  • skin looks younger, skin tone is improved.

How to use: Apply gently to the face and neck in the morning and/or evening. After the serum is absorbed, use your usual moisturizer or nourishing cream.

Organic Beauty

This ultra-pure hyaluronic serum is for all skin types. Special help for drying skin, because hyaluronic acid has extremely strong skin moisturizing and wrinkle reducing properties. Organic pomegranate extract softens and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. A gentle fragrance made from organic rose water.

Research has shown that one molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 water molecules next to it. In this way, the skin is saturated with moisture, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes brighter, younger and more vibrant, and its tone improves. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. It is for these reasons that hyaluronic acid is an extremely effective ingredient in moisturizing products. The Evolve Beauty serum uses hyaluronic acid of a lower molecular weight, which penetrates deeper and has even more effective moisturizing properties than conventional serums.

The pomegranate extract it contains is a great source of ellagic acid. This acid helps to regulate cell circulation and strengthens cell membranes, thus limiting water loss, thus keeping the skin hydrated longer and protecting the skin from harmful environmental substances.

The serum is suitable for both young and mature skin - try it and see for yourself!

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Rosa Damascena (Rose) Water*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Fruit Extract*, Glycerin, Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Dehydroacetate. *ingredients from organic farms.

Quantity: 30 ml

Natural 99.37%

Organic 35.68%

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