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Facial mist Dewy Mist

Facial mist Dewy Mist

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Facial mist Gli Elementi "Dewy Dream Mist", GLI01055, 100 ml

The geothermal sulfur water contained in the product has effective cleansing and soothing properties for the skin. This multi-effect mist revitalizes the facial skin, protects it at the microcellular level, provides deep hydration to the skin, visibly brightens the skin and helps to intensify the make-up effect. Use this tool anywhere, anytime. The mist with a particularly light consistency provides a quick and long-lasting effect. Enriched with blue microalgae. The tool is suitable for all skin types. Odorless. Contains no parabens or alcohol. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Usage: spray on the skin of the face and neck after using other beauty products and/or make-up.

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