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Moisturizing lip balm with mica Marie Brocart

Moisturizing lip balm with mica Marie Brocart

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The glowing lip balm is made with biodegradable shiny Bioglitter® particles and plant-based Linefill™ and Plump Oleoactif® ingredients that guarantee a double plumping effect. Already after the first use, your lips will become smooth, especially soft, deeply nourished, moisturized, visibly plumper and glowing. Contains up to 98.3% ingredients of natural origin, including shea tree esters, kupuaku butter, jojoba oil, plum seed oil, glycyrrhizic acid, lanolin, vitamin E. Handmade.

Bioglitter® particles

These are the world's first pure, plant-based particles of eucalyptus cellulose that are completely plastic-free. Bioglitter® breaks down naturally in the environment without leaving a trace, making it completely sustainable. It is a certified, environmentally friendly product that will make your skin glow without any harm to nature.

How to use: Apply a small amount to lips as needed.
Warnings: Use only as intended. Store at 5-25°C.

Capacity: 8 g

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