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Moisturizing body lotion Marie Brocart Semari

Moisturizing body lotion Marie Brocart Semari

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Marie Brocart "Semari Shimmer Body Balm" moisturizing body lotion with glowing golden pigments will give your skin an incomparable glow in any light - both during the day when the sun shines and in the evening - under the light of lamps. Just after the first use of the product, your skin will become radiant and magically glow.

This body lotion is made with Bioglitter® biodegradable glitter particles.
These are the first pure, plant-based particles of eucalyptus cellulose that naturally degrade in the environment without leaving a trace, making them completely sustainable. It is a certified, environmentally friendly product that will make your skin glow without any harm to nature.
This moisturizing body lotion is also enriched with Sensfeel ™ For Her pheromone complex containing white jasmine and sweet carnations, which will make you feel more attractive and reveal your feminine nature.
This body lotion is for all skin types. It is perfect for both summer and all other seasons to give the skin a wonderful glow. The product has a light, non-sticky consistency and a wonderful oriental aroma that will remain on the skin for a long time.
Main active components:
• Sensfeel ™ For Her pheromone complex;
• 5 seaweed extract, characterized by skin moisturizing and soothing properties;
• Hyaluronic acid, characterized by an intense skin moisturizing effect.

How to use: spread a small amount of the product on the skin and gently massage to absorb.

Capacity: 50 g

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