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Marie Brocart Solari Moisturizing Body Oil

Marie Brocart Solari Moisturizing Body Oil

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Solari's bronzer-enriched body oil is made with biodegradable glittering particles Bioglitter® and tan activator TAN Oléobooster®. Thanks to the champagne brown and golden particles, the product not only gives the skin an incomparable glow, moisturizes it, but also makes the skin look like it has been gently kissed by the sun. In addition, the tanning activator accelerates the tanning process of the skin in the sun to achieve a natural tan. The product is characterized by economical use, it only takes a few drops, which are absorbed very quickly, leaving no greasy or sticky feeling. After use, the body skin becomes soft, gentle, smooth, elastic, wonderfully glowing and fragrant with a fresh aroma with notes of oriental spices. Contains up to 98% of ingredients of natural origin, including argan oil, sea buckthorn, carrot seed, raspberry seed, macadamia oil, aloe extract, vitamin E. Handmade.

Bioglitter® particles

These are the world's first pure, plant-based particles of eucalyptus cellulose that are completely plastic-free. Bioglitter® breaks down naturally in the environment without leaving a trace, making it completely sustainable. It is a certified, environmentally friendly product that will make your skin glow without any harm to nature.

How to use: shake the bottle well and apply a small amount to dry body skin, massaging until absorbed.

Attention! be sure to use a UV protection product before sunbathing.

Capacity: 100 ml

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