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Restorative facial skin cream

Restorative facial skin cream

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Restorative face skin cream Gli Elementi "Silky Day Cream", 50 ml

For all types, especially gray, uneven tone, tired skin

Gli Elementi facial skin cream is based on geothermal water. The product is enriched with useful oligo-elements and plant-derived active components that have detoxifying properties. The veronica extract in the face cream is a skin detoxifying and stress-reducing component that revitalizes the skin and helps it regenerate. Euglandia - microorganisms with energizing properties, fight against gray skin affected by external environmental factors and signs of fatigue. Gives the skin a refreshing matte effect. The skin is detoxified and regenerated, giving it an incredible glow. The tool is perfect for use during the change of seasons, when experiencing stress or to revive the skin affected by the effects of environmental pollution. With regular use of this face cream, skin aging processes are naturally stopped.

The product does not contain parabens. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

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