Kūno aliejai su CBD ir poveikis odai

Body oils with CBD and the effect on the skin

Cannabis products are currently very widely used by people who want to stay healthier or alleviate the symptoms caused by various diseases. These days, hemp oil is widely used for the cultivation of external beauty, so CBD is increasingly used in cosmetics. Tom hemp's offers a number of cosmetic products with CBD in its range: face cream, body oil, body lotion, hand cream, natural lubricant and bubble bath.

During the cold season, the skin becomes particularly dry, loses its elasticity, itching, "goosebumps" roughness and other unpleasant sensations may appear. Therefore, body products with CBD come in handy here. Hemp oil perfectly helps the skin to fight skin aging, dryness and promotes elasticity. Antioxidants in hemp oil neutralize free radicals that attack the body's cells, which begin to age prematurely. CBD stops skin aging because the lipids in it are very similar in structure to the lipids in human skin. The high vitamin E content in hemp oil prevents premature aging, can prevent stretch marks and restore skin elasticity. The oil also has a positive effect on the pH of the skin, balances the lipid content and moisturizes. Hemp oils are suitable for very sensitive and allergic skin.

Tom hemp's body oils are based on hemp oil. More about Tom hemp's orange-scented oil. The body oil is made on the basis of hemp seeds, which makes the skin elastic and smooth, deeply moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Citrus fruit ethers activate blood circulation, affect not only the surface of the skin, but also strengthen the inner layers of the skin. The properties of orange help to strengthen the skin barrier, read the skin, and give a feeling of freshness. Also, all citrus ethers and orange ether are especially helpful in the fight against "orange peel" - cellulite. Ethers have a positive effect not only on the skin, but also on general well-being. The almond oil in the composition is especially suitable for dry and irritated skin. It is rich in vitamin E and A, as well as fatty acids, omega 6 and 9. Ylang Ylang oil is very good for tired skin, giving the skin freshness and radiance. The oil contains broad-leaved Ylang Ylang flower extarct, which grows in the Philippines, Indonesia. The scent of these flowers has a relaxing and calming effect. . Like orange oil, it is rich in vitamins E and A, as well as fatty acids, omega 6 and 9.

The oil is not "heavy", it is light and quickly absorbed into the skin. It is highly recommended to use for problem areas: dryness, special massaging in stretch marks and cellulite areas. Please note that these are not medicinal preparations, if there are more serious complaints, you should consult a doctor. If the skin is prone to allergies or certain components, it is necessary to read the composition, because even natural preparations can cause allergic reactions, as well as added fragrances that are included in the composition, regardless of the composition of natural or organic cosmetics.

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